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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Good news Parents- The 'Animania' festival is upon us!!

December for me is always a month that fills me with equal parts of joy and trepidation. Joy, because let’s be honest it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement of a very busy year winding down and thoughts of impending beach holidays complete with lazy days in the sun. On the other hand trepidation because it is also that time of the year when there is no crèche to keep my little 4 year old stimulated. Not to mention that it also happens to be the month when our trusted helper also goes home for an extended holiday to be with her own family. Leaving me with the challenge of keeping my little girl primped, fed and suitably entertained- while at the same time remembering to also have a little fun myself. Add dinner parties and braai’s at home to the mixture, and you have yourself a recipe for a really long and really tiring holiday season for me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard a fellow Mommy talking about ‘M-Net’s Animania festival’ launching soon. Honestly, whom do I have to send flowers to at M-Net? That’s hours and hours of the very best in educational and entertaining animation movies for children of all ages and of course also for some of us older folks who consider ourselves young at heart. December has never looked this good. I’m looking forward to a trip down to Port Edward with the family for a week of fun in the sun and then more fun on the couch with me and my little Rugrat singing, “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…” our favourite song from the ‘Frozen’ movie.

My excitement levels went up another notch when I heard about the ‘Dubsmash’ competition that will be running throughout the holidays. Never being one to shy away from the chance to compete, I’m definitely entering that. Well, that is as soon as I find out more about how exactly one uses this ‘selfie-video-making’ App. So I will have to educate myself on the M-net microsite right here 'M-Net Animania Festival'   

Sharing is caring- so spread the word and help other Mommies like me, to also make happy holiday memories!!

Friday, 4 September 2015

summer bodies are made in winter- voetsek.

Hi my name is Salamina Mosese and I am a procrastinator. So naturally, all of winter I have been sitting on my laurels, being over-indulgent and enjoying one too many Double cream Cappuccinos and never holding back on a second helping of my favourite stew and dumpling. All the time thinking  that perhaps my body just needs to adjust to the cold conditions and then very soon I would be able to hit the gym before work every morning. Well, let's just say that, that never quite happened. Quite honestly, I just never got the hang of the gym thing in Winter. First my body says NO, and soon after the mind follows suit. 

So you can imagine my shock when just a mere three weeks ago, I came across this very depressing statement above. " Summer bodies are made in Winter". (Yes i'd never heard it before)

Of course I should have known that. It makes perfect sense. Perfect, depressing, discouraging sense. So now, in the first week of September, feeling the extra snugness of my jeans, the lethargy and that now familiar, yet quite uncomfortable heat that one feels when one's thighs are chaffing each other just a little more than usual, I launched my own project 'Hlasela the winter extras' and it started with a vigorous 20 lap swim at the gym on Monday night. Phela time is not on my side. And herein lies the problem, dear friends. 

As I type this I am sitting with two pulled muscles in my upper thigh region. A region that may as well be renamed in medical dictionaries as ; " The-most-uncomfortable-place-to-get-a-massage-especially-from-the-physio-you-just-met". My over-enthusiasm to make up for a whole winter of no excercise had me in the pool at gym like a tadpole to freedom. Warm up for what? Take it easy for who? I went in hard, I went in fast.The result? A week of pill popping, limping and having to endure uncomfortable, goose-bump-inducing Pysiotherapy sessions zeroed in on my pelvis. 

In short, I will make my summer body in Spring and hope to see results by November- failing which I will know enough to decide whether to rather skip the beach holiday in December and go instead to the UK, where I can avoid all mention of this sought-after summer body that I should have started sculpting in winter already. *sigh* 

(Apologies for the cartoon, I couldn't find a brown girl like me...tltltltl)

Monday, 11 May 2015

A note to my daughter to say...Thank you

I haven't written to you in a while.  As a result my heart is full.

Dear Tumi

My sweet angel, Thank you. You are to me, a second chance to experience life that is untainted and devoid of cynicism.  You colour my dreams with colours so beautiful,  it is like they contain the very breath of God. You are the ecstasy of a dream realised.

Thank you for reminding me to not take life so seriously,  for reminding me to take a moment to notice a pretty butterfly that lands on a petal in our backyard.

I relish the times I get to drive around running errands with you in the back seat, pointing out everything of interest that we drive past. And even though you make me play the same song over and over,  I actually love it because nothing gives me more joy than hearing you mispronounce all the words as you sing at the top of your voice, and out of tune. You always have a smile on your face as you sing. This shows that you are not afraid to be judged.  You my child, are brave,  smart, curious and you don't even know it.

You infect every space you inhabit with your innocent optimism.
I don't always feel worthy to be your Mom, but I am always grateful. Thank you for always reminding me that at some point I understood unconditional love...and your job has been to remind me to believe in it again.  Thank you.  I ♡ you, my Tumi.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A post to my crush

I have stalked you for so long. Every time I caught a glimpse of your beguiling good looks, with eyes that seemed to sparkle non stop. You captured my imagination,  and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't  shake your assault to my senses. I remember plunging through magazines as a young girl,  hungrily pouring over your images, too scared to tear them out, lest I diminish you in my eyes.

I was weary of obsessing about you or of the day we would finally meet.  My palms get clammy just thinking about all the diary posts I dedicated to you. " Oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways" that's how they'd always start.

I wonder is it your power that most intrigues me? Or is it your raw sexiness?  Perhaps it is your confident boldness,  pulsating from your every pore. I've heard people talk about you, but I can hear they don't see you the way I do. They count you in long bucket lists, like you are merely something one needs to do. I always knew our meeting would change my life, our eyes would lock, my knees would wobble, and my heart would trumpet an anthem that Alicia Keys made famous about a city we both love, it goes  " New York,  concrete jungle where dreams are made of,  there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York,  New York,  New York! "

Anyone who has ever been to New York knows that it is impossible not to be spellbound by its energy,  you can't ignore the way it assasinates your every sense with its lights, smog coming from underground and  it's exuberant hustle and bustle, that knows no end.

I met my crush, we've seen each other twice.  I've fallen hard. My crush is now my love. Oh New York!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

'Juicy-licious'- my 3day juice detox

The idea to embark on a 3 day juice detox was due to a combination of two factors;  FOMO (fear of missing out) and the fact that I am one of the unfortunate few who have fallen prey to the annual post December slump and bulge.

I heard about it from a couple of people at work who were on it, and naturally I didn't want to miss out. So here's how it works: For 3 consecutive days,  you cut out everything except water and herbal tea from your diet, and all you have by way of a meal is a 250ml juice. Before you start thinking that this is dangerous,  please note that firstly, each juice is packed with more fruits and vegetables than the average person eats in a month and secondly, you get 10 juices to drink in a day. Basically every time you get hungry, you can drink one. (I never got through all 10 in one day, the most I had was 8 in a day.)

So what's in the juices? There are 6 different juice flavours and they all have really cute names like,  'Beet the heat' (beetroot, pears, pineapple, carrot, cucumber & ginger) or there's 'Innergizing Sunrise' (Lemon, grapefruit,  apple, pineapple,  cos lettuce,  cucumber & celery).

Day 1; was the easiest because I was still fired up and excited about it.  Day 2; A walk in the park! I didn't get as hungry as I did the day before.  Day 3; was like climbing uphill backwards. I was grumpy, craving bunny chow and missing chewing so much that I was quite literally ready to snack on anything, including my toenails. So be warned. But did I lose weight? Yes. And did I feel like Popeye after his spinach?Hell yeah !!

Cafe Raw (Hurlingham) does a great programme,  so give them a try. Happy juicing!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

One turn made

This post is dedicated to a young man I didn't know.  I never got to know him, because he died this morning.  I was there when it happened.

My Sunday mornings usually start off with me driving my little girl to swimming.

The biker and I see each other. We got to the traffic circle simultaneously, and he pulled off ahead of me. I noticed his motorbike. It looked well- ridden in, like the bike of an experienced biker. As he sped past, I thought of all the things I had to do today. My musings were interrupted by what happened next.

The car in front of the biker slowed down suddenly and then turned right. I knew what was going to happen before I actually saw and heard the impact of bike to car and then watched as biker and bike were slammed into a nearby street pole. "Jesus Christ help!", is all I got out, as I watched the young man land all mangled on a grassy patch, with his helmet still flying through the air.

I pull over on the opposite side of the road, swimming lesson forgotten, as autopilot mode takes over. Call for help. I don't actually know what to do first, I know not to move him, so as the security guard tries to turn him around,  I shout that they shouldn't move him, in case they paralyse him. An automated  voice comes on the line, "Press 1 for life threatening emergencies.  Press 2, for police assistance." I go through the motions. It's ringing.  Crap I've left my daughter in the car alone. How much has she seen? I wonder. 5 minutes have passed.

Automated voice again,  " We apologise,  we are experiencing high call volumes" I wonder if the person on the other side is finishing off their breakfast before attending to the calls. The driver is at my side. He asks me if he was at fault,  I say, " let's just worry about getting the ambulance here." He asks me if I can help the young man on the ground,  I said yes, I am trying to, I'm on hold for emergency services. Eventually I speak to a live person.

10 minutes pass...and then 5 more minutes.

I wish this ended better. Sadly it doesn't. The biker must have died before the medics arrived.  I watched them try feverishly to resuscitate him.

I remember thinking- should one of us have known first aid? Are you allowed to jump in and try to help in cases like this? It broke my heart, feeling so helpless- just waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Just one turn was made, and a family lost a loved one. A young life snuffed out in an instant.  If only he had...If only we could've... If only...he hadn't died. :-(

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Orange is the new black...my obsession

I must confess, I am a total late bloomer.  Basically that is short for ; 'by the time I catch onto things they are not the latest thing any more'. That goes for songs, dance moves and very clearly some hit TV shows as well.  Orange is the new black,  is case and point. 
Ok, I have beaten myself up over this enough. My late bloomerish-ness, (yes I am quite aware that this isn't actually an English word) isn't up for debate.

I have now binge-watch-ed the entire first season,  and oh boy! What a treat. I totally love the character of  Susannah aka 'crazy eyes', any writers out there ready to write a South African character like that, please call me...I'm ready. She isn't the only one,  there's a Russian in the kitchen,  a group of Mexican women and a group of Bible thumpers that also had me in stitches, not to mention of course the  enigmatic lead character Piper, who just never seems to stay out of trouble for very long.

This colourful array of characters captured my imagination in  a similar way to the Prison Break characters.  I relished every foray taken into the lives of these crazy bad, badder and baddest women, serving time with 'Piper Chapman'.

Besides my crush on the lady who plays Alex Voss, that's that dark, smouldering woman with the heavy eyeliner and secretary glasses in the picture above. There are other reasons to watch the show, like the fact that the script and performances are excellent.  So if you haven't seen it,  and you relish the idea of seeing what happens when you throw a couple of crazily entertaining and dangerous females together, then get your hands on Orange is the new black.  It surprised me how much I enjoyed it. Yes, we all have a dark side. Get over it.