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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Good news Parents- The 'Animania' festival is upon us!!

December for me is always a month that fills me with equal parts of joy and trepidation. Joy, because let’s be honest it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement of a very busy year winding down and thoughts of impending beach holidays complete with lazy days in the sun. On the other hand trepidation because it is also that time of the year when there is no crèche to keep my little 4 year old stimulated. Not to mention that it also happens to be the month when our trusted helper also goes home for an extended holiday to be with her own family. Leaving me with the challenge of keeping my little girl primped, fed and suitably entertained- while at the same time remembering to also have a little fun myself. Add dinner parties and braai’s at home to the mixture, and you have yourself a recipe for a really long and really tiring holiday season for me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard a fellow Mommy talking about ‘M-Net’s Animania festival’ launching soon. Honestly, whom do I have to send flowers to at M-Net? That’s hours and hours of the very best in educational and entertaining animation movies for children of all ages and of course also for some of us older folks who consider ourselves young at heart. December has never looked this good. I’m looking forward to a trip down to Port Edward with the family for a week of fun in the sun and then more fun on the couch with me and my little Rugrat singing, “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…” our favourite song from the ‘Frozen’ movie.

My excitement levels went up another notch when I heard about the ‘Dubsmash’ competition that will be running throughout the holidays. Never being one to shy away from the chance to compete, I’m definitely entering that. Well, that is as soon as I find out more about how exactly one uses this ‘selfie-video-making’ App. So I will have to educate myself on the M-net microsite right here 'M-Net Animania Festival'   

Sharing is caring- so spread the word and help other Mommies like me, to also make happy holiday memories!!