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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Approaching 30's- 'Name dropping twenties'

Many would say being an actress and presenter on TV is a really glamourous job, and although I often stop to explain that my job is really hard work and is really not as glamourous as it looks, when I sat down to actually pen this post, I realised that perhaps I have been far too modest in my explanations.

In this last instalment of my 'Approaching 30's series', I will be dropping some serious names. No rolling your eyes, I promise there will be no embellishments. It was as a Soul City actress & ambassador and later as a Top Billing presenter that I got to meet and interview some of the most amazing people in the world and I enjoyed every minute of it. Jealous down please!

Two interviews really stand out in my mind. I was flown business class to London to cover the red-carpet and junket for the movie 'Did you hear about the Morgans?' Freezing my little touche off dressed in a fabulous JJ Schoeman number, I interviewed the stars of the film and they just so happened to be, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. Fun as that was, it didn't compare to the next day when I got to actually sit with them and chat like old friends. Take it from me, Sarah is actually more stunning in person, and she didn't stop gushing about how much she loves South Africa. Hugh on the other hand is very serious but in a very polite, professional way.

The other Hollywood star that really knocked my socks off was Cameron Diaz. She is as bubbly and as effervescent as you see her in some of her comedies. If I wasn't her biggest fan before, after meeting her while I was covering the Los Angeles junket for the movie, 'My sisters keeper', I became her biggest fan. She burst into the room and it quite literally felt like the sun came in with her.

Over the next year I also got to interview Ben Stiller, Rachel McAdams, Emily Blunt and the uber hot Eric Bana. Ben was a bore, Rachel is drop-dead gorgeous but so fake, Emily is a real lady and Eric is oh so charming. What a gentleman. I also met and interviewed the cast and producers of 'Avatar'. Zoe Saldana called me beautiful and Titanic Director, James Cameron said he will remember me when he comes to SA one day, hahahah!

Besides rubbing shoulders with the who's who's in film, I also made a meal with the 'naked chef, Jamie Oliver and he even named a pasta dish after me; I shook Bill Clinton's hand and even flirted with Chris Tucker. I slept in castles around Ireland and I got to see houses that I thought I'd only ever see in my dreams.

I absoultely LOVED my twenties, warts and all. The bar has been set very high for my 30's, but I have no doubt that there will still be lots more adventure, intrigue and fulfilment. God willing!

Thanks to JJ Schoeman!!

look, that's my head in the foreground there! lol

Friday, 1 February 2013

Approaching 30's- Part 2: Hair-raising twenties!

If you missed part 1 of my 'Approaching 30's saga', this will help you to catch up.

I had a bucket list of sorts when I turned 21. I titled it "Things to do before 30". Now with this big milestone approaching, I have been thinking a lot about what I've achieved and what I've experienced; most importantly its gotten me thinking about what I'd like the next 30 years of my life to look like. So in order to do the later, I'm taking a trip down memory lane.

In case you are wondering what hair-raising twenties is all about, the explanation is simple. It is all the things I did in my twenties that gave me goosebumps and literally made my hair stand up. 

Growing up I remember my friends always saying that I had white tendencies because my bucket list included items such as sky dive with a loved one and jump on stage at a rock concert. Mind you I got to do both, but with a nice twist. The first time I went for a tandem sky-dive I got to jump out of the airplane with members of my favourite local rock band- The Parlotones. To say those boys are a good mixture of fun and crazy would be an understatement. My day got even better later when I got to literally jump on to the stage and jam with them at one of their concerts at the Dome. Two items checked off my bucket list in one day, it was a great day.

Shark diving was next. When one hears shark diving, naturally you assume that it will be in a relatively controlled environment and safely behind a steel cage. That is not what my experience was like. In fact my so-called 'cage' looked more like a flimsy little basketball-hoop looking net contraption. I have no idea what still made me get into the water after I saw it.

Setting: Beautiful day, Umkomaas, KZN. We road out into the wide open sea, they dropped a barrel of sardines soaked in oil into the sea to call the sharks. Then we waited. First we saw a school of Dolphins and then things got real for me. I swear I could hear the music from the movie 'Jaws' playing. There were over 15 fins circling the boat, and even more approaching. It was in this moment that I was suddenly glad that I didn't explain to my Mom what I was actually going to do, and boy was I glad that I could pray!

Needless to say, I got out of the boat and dangling there in the water with my 'cage-thingy' not even tied to the boat, I put on my snorkeling gear and looked beneath the waters surface. What I saw defies any logic. There were sharks everywhere, and oh what majestic and awe-inspiring creatures they are. I've never felt closer to God than I did in those moments. Now seeing as the other crazy boys I was with were swimming in amongst the sharks, and being one to never shy away from a challenge, I eventually got out of the little cage, and joined them. I will admit, everytime a shark brushed past my leg, I would hold my breath in fear. I still get goosebumps thinking about it now.

Yes, I played russian roulette with my life...and even convinced my sensible husband to do the same. We went bungee jumping for our first wedding anniversary and then river rafting and sky-diving for our second anniversary. Good times!!

Part 3...Name-dropping twenties, dont miss it!