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It takes a village- a short story.

I recently took a trip down memory lane. Remembering my primary school years with nostalgia and fondness. In fact, I still drive past Emmarentia Primary school from time to time. If you've ever driven through this suburb you would have fallen for its lush green streets, peppered with beautiful Jakaranda trees on every street. It was an era of innocence for my brother and I, and a time we both still recall fondly.

A lot was going on politically in South Africa, but our parents did their best to ensure that we never ever felt the burden of the politics of the day, in quite the same way that they did. My little brother and I had to pass an entrance exam to get into the school, and it was really a happy day for our parents when we were accepted into our first 'model-c' school. For them this was the beginning of big things to come. In hindsight, I don't think they were 100% sure of what it was that they were signing up for when they took us to this kind of multi-racial schoo…

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