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Monday, 7 May 2012


Time with an old friend

You know it is going to be a really interesting weekend when your itinerary includes a plane trip and a three hour roadtrip to go and attend a funeral in a small dorpie in the cape, and then a night out on the town with an old friend, that you have tried to dislike for many years, without much success. Such was my oddly colourful weekend in Cape Town.

In terms of entertainment, it goes without saying, Cape Town had me at hello! And i have to hand it to my generous hostesses; they really know how to show a girl a good time. I give them a definite A-plus for effort and results.

You can breath a sigh of relief, this isn't going to be one of those posts where I launch into a vivid description of Cape Town night life in all its glory, in the hope that someone who yields some influence around those parts will invite me there again, and actually foot the bill for it. No, it was the emotions that this weekend unearthed that actually prompted me to reflect on my weekend experiences.

The funeral was the real reason I was in Cape Town, all the other stuff was surplus and you know nothing has the power to remind us of exactly how precious and short life is, quite like a funeral. Riversdale is about three and a half hours away from Cape Town, so my friend and I left for our trip at the crack of dawn. It is kind of scary how much you can talk about on a roadtrip to a funeral. Add to the mix the fact that I happened to be travelling with my former best friend of ten years, that I hadn't spoken to in eight years because we had a fall out that changed the course of both of our lives forever, and then you have yourself a plot thicker than a storyline on Days of our Lives.

I think I will be chuckling about some of the revelations that came out of that long drive for days to come. I took many lessons out of this whole weekend experience; the most important of these is that it is true what they say: Time really does heal and An old friend IS really better than two new ones.

Cheers to the beauty of hindsight, and two cheers to my old friend. Give that girl a bells!