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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Circumstance and change

" I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it. "

Maya Angelou


" Most of us tend to give more credence to our nightmares than to the illustrious dreams that reveal our powerful purpose."

Timothy Maurice Webster
(Thinking About You)

A role model for what?

Ask the average man and woman on the street who their role model is; and the name of somebody famous usually follows.Thinking about this, got me to finally sit down and think about people that I admire myself; my role models. I had to unpack the impact that each of my role models have had on my life, and in so doing I could finally answer my own question of; a role model for what?

Meet my faith warrior...The beautiful, strong woman who raised me. My mom did not have all the answers I needed while I was growing up, but she bought me a Bible for my 19th birthday, and thereby guided me to have my own relationship with the One who 'did' have all the answers. It takes a good parent to admit that they themselves do not have all the answers, and then get on their knees to pray for every life stage that you are still to encounter.

The Devoted educator...My Aunt is the most loving teacher I have ever met. I see her teach her Grade 3 learners in her bare classroom, with its cold floors and broken windows. She teaches with the dedication and enthusiasm of a private school teacher, who has more tools at her disposal than the average mechanic. From her I learnt that impacting people's lives is not something that you need to explain, it is in the everyday.

I met a veteran actress doing my first TV job. I wont mention her name, but please believe me when I say that she is almost as famous as Nelson Mandela. Her humility and her love of people and life are qualities that I admire in her, even more than her on-screen presence (this she has in bucket loads). She showed me early on in my career that no matter how successful I became, I would never need to change who I am.

Working Mom... Lastly to the old woman who worked for us when I was still a new Mom fresh from hospital, thank you. She woke up everyday at 3am to make sure first that her own family was taken care of, made fatcakes for her neighbour to sell for her, and then got on 3 taxis to come to our house to help me to better look after my little family. I admired her work ethic, and how she showed up daily with a shy smile and two capable hands, ready to serve.

These are but four women whose actions have impacted on my life, My role models. I have learnt a lot from each one of them and I hope one day when somebody calls me a role model, it will be because of the positive impact that I have made in their life, and not just because they saw me on TV and happened to like the way I delivered my dialogue. ;-)