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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Glade Scent Gallery...Fragrance heaven

Anybody who knows me knows that it takes a miracle to drag me out of bed anytime before 11am on a Saturday morning. So imagine how much I surprised my family, and myself nogal, when I agreed to take a drive to other side of town to go explore 'scented wonders' by way of the Glade Scent Gallery that was taking place at 1 Fox Street in Joburg. Before you even say it, I know what you are thinking; What on earth is a scent gallery, right? Well don't judge yourself too harshly, I didn't know either, and that is exactly why I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday to find out more...and lets just say I was astounded at the level of creative genius I saw on display.

You can always trust me to take lots of pictures. In this case it was because I just didn't trust myself  enough to remember every single detail, to come and share it with you. You'll be able to tell from my positively goofy smile in most of the pictures, that I was incredibly impressed.

I felt a little like Alice in wonderland, because each time I opened a curtain something quite magical awaited me on the other side. The Glade scent gallery consisted of four spaces that had been themed around the specific Glade fragrance. Each one of these fragrances were carefully chosen to elicit a certain emotion from us the minute it passes through the senses. The scent behind door No.1 was Morning Freshness. This colourful, floral space, brought to my mind's eye, memories of crisp morning jogs that leave one feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the world. The stunning young lady who was giving me a tour of this first space, was kind enough to snap away on my phone while I enjoyed myself. Highlight for me here was getting into a glass box of sorts, that had a fan blowing some petals around, and I had to try catch a green petal to win a prize. Never one to shy away from a challenge and a little foolishness, I partook and I won!
Next set-up was the Lavender & Vanilla scented space. This familiar, yet pleasant scent may elicit feelings of calm. I felt like I stepped right into a Spa because they had ladies treat us to a neck and back massage while we took in the beautiful space. This was definitely one of my favourite experiences. Next I stepped into the Clean Linen fragrance room which was a beautiful bedroom set up and it is here that I could have stayed till the roosters crowed. Nothing says fresh and new like snuggling in with the smell of clean linen. This is my favourite of the Glade fragrances. It stays winning! 

The tour through the Scent Gallery ends with a cool beach set up. This was the theme for the relaxing Ocean Escape fragrance. I took full advantage of this set-up and even scored myself a free ice cream to boot. Thumbs up to Glade for a really novel concept, and for teaching me a new phrase for my vocabulary...'scent gallery'. I must say before this, it never occurred to me that every room in my house can actually have its own specific fragrance that may exhilarate me, then make me feel fresh and new at one time and even bring out feelings of calm at the end of a long hard day at work. I'm sold. 

  This was fun :-)