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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Our wedding...Their wedding!

There are a few things in this world that are funnier than the planning of  'the African wedding'. I don't know what it is about our weddings that make our parents and extended families lose their minds.

I was the first (of my generation) in our family to get married, and I think I still break out into a sweat just remembering how I did not recognise my parents at all during that process. My  usually level-headed Mom was like a wedding planner on steroids, she completely and utterly took over in planning and even sometimes in the decision making, leaving no room for hubby and I to have our say. Both of our Dads on the other hand, may as well have shouted from the rooftops that all were invited.

As a result of the parental-excitement what started out as a small wedding (my plan), soon became like a community imbizo (their plan, their wedding).  Hahahaha!

I am thinking about all of this now because we are in the throes of planning my little brothers wedding now, and oh boy! is it like deja-vu. Not only has the parent-hood already convinced him to change the wedding date, but they have also seen fit to weigh in on matters such as the Makoti's attire.

I walked this road almost 6 years ago, so I am chuckling at every step. My brother has no idea what is about to hit him...it is their wedding, best he make peace with it now...it is only the beginning!