A letter to my younger self.

Nobody wants you to know how great you can be. It's not their job. Nobody is going to give you more than they can get from you for themselves.

Remember too that your parents are not perfect people, they too were young once, struggling with some of the issues that you yourself have.

Nobody told your Mom when she was a young girl much like you, that she was powerful, worthy and beautiful. So today, she may not even know how to say it to you.
It's up to you to learn it for yourself.

Know who you are. Tap into your own power source, so that the world doesn't shake you, as it shoves you from pillar to post, telling you who it thinks you are or who you should be.

Search for your passion, and know early on what things fill you with trepidation and what things excite you. It's these things that you should pursue.

Surround yourself with people who edify you, build you up and who are not afraid to be honest with you. But only for your own good.

Beautiful, brown skinned girl, forget the expectations that people have of you- and focus on how you can make your own dreams come true. That's not to say you should selfishly push your way through life- it merely means that you cannot know where in the world you fit in, until you truly know who you are, where you come from and where you want to go.

And dear child, you will not know what you have been called to do in this life, until you actually set out to discover this for yourself.

Most importantly, beautiful, brown-skinned girl, nobody should know something about you that you don't already know about yourself. And be careful of those who speak over your life. This should only ever be done in agreement with you, otherwise you run the risk of people always keeping you where they are most comfortable with you staying.

Lastly, take nothing for granted. Good and bad, life is always teaching us lessons.
Listen. Breathe. Live!

You are loved.


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