To my bestie with love...

When the opportunity to be part of 1st for Women's new #weputyoufirst campaign came along and they asked me to write about a woman who had always inspired confidence in me, a woman who had always put me first; my Mom was the natural choice, probably my sister too. But then I thought of someone else, whose always been there too. Another important woman in my life, my Stephina, aka 'the bestie'. 

It is only the luckiest of women who can say they have a special friend who knows all of their warts and scars and still accepts them as they are. A friend who encourages greatness in them and who is also there to share laughter, prayers and even to play. I count myself blessed to have such a friend in business and in life. Never take it for granted when you have someone to share your fears and dreams with, because there are many others who don't.  

I have known and loved this incredibly giving woman for over 16 years now and every year as we grow older and hopefully wiser together, I realise that she is literally the wind beneath my wings. She pushes me to go further than I think I can, to do and believe things about myself that she says she's known all along but mostly, she always reminds me to dream even bigger for myself

Thank you my friend, my partner in all things and my sister. You have often had to put me first, at times even before yourself. I value the role you play in my life, and I know you are a big part of the wiser woman I am to become. I don't remember a time when you were not around so thank you for always giving of yourself so selflessly, and for inspiring confidence in me. Ke go rata ka love. 

(Myself and Stephina @ the 1st for Women media event, April 2016)

I must be honest, I really like this new 1st for Women campaign- it's a beautiful reminder for us women to put ourselves first, something that I myself am still learning to do. The campaign encourages us women to constantly affirm to ourselves that 'we are enough' just as we are, not just when we are excelling at work, not just when we have prepared a scrumptious meal, but all the time. We are just enough. What an important affirmation for us to live by. This post is just as much about acknowledging my friend, as it is about also patting myself on the back and saying, "Well done Sal, you can be proud of yourself, because you add value in the lives of those around you and your contribution in this world is something to smile about." Thank you 1st for Women for this important and very powerful shift in your purpose. 

Click here to check out the 1st for Women website and see for yourself why their promise '#weputyoufirst' rings so true. There are also really touching accounts from other women sharing on who inspires confidence in them and why they know that they themselves are enough, as they are.  You'll love them. 


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