My kid and the industry

You may or may not know that I'm a relatively new mom, and because both my hubby and I are on TV naturally everybody assumes that this is what we want for our daughter. Mind you, we have already gotten the call from my over-zealous agent, asking us to bring the baby in for pictures. Honestly speaking i feel like I know too much about the industry to want my daughter to have any part in it. Perhaps it is just the PNMS speaking. (Protective New Mommy Syndrome) ;-)

TV has a huge impact on a child's mind; the charm of the lifestyles that they see their idols living has more and more kids wanting to be like their favourite DJ's, actors and musicians. Should kids be encouraged to become TV stars?

I started out in the industry when i was 10, I remember doing photographic modeling for Jet in standard 2, then my first TV role came with Soul Buddyz when i was 15. This wasn't too early, I know of people who started from way earlier. As an unbelievably shy child, I can see the benefits that the industry had on me, in terms of helping me-or rather forcing me to come out of my shell. It also helped me to develop good Vocabulary and speaking skills. However, the negatives cant be ignored either.

Hectic shooting schedules will mean a lot of time out of school which may hamper your child's schooling, also working from an early age, puts a lot of pressure on kids who should really only be worrying about what Bieber's latest song is about. Not to mention the amount of rejection that you subject kids to once they hit the audition mill, something that can lead to years of low-self esteem long after the bug has bitten.

I doubt you'll be seeing my little pumpkin on TV anytime soon, but that shouldn't discourage those parents who do want to have their kids on TV. As with anything in life, there are pro's and cons. Happy parenting!!


  1. But at least lil' Sam will have her parent experience in her favour though... I think the PNMS is working on you here Sal' :) ...just joking....but may I ask, for how long are you going to keep her away from T.V / industry? ... How else are you going to make sure that she doesnt watch it when you are not there to monitor her ? ... Anywho, wishing the Mosese Family all the best :) We/I love Sal' and Howza.. Stay Blessed you guys... #MY Relationship Inspiration you are <3

  2. Hi Salamina, you must admit when you started being on tv things where really different then.The media was kinder then.

    Things have changed now and especially with the new social networks where people get to talk about you, share the good or bad comments about you, or anyone in the industry for that matter. The question is will a child handle/cope with being a celebrity at a young age (eg. before high school?).

    Bana ba matsatsi a ba tsamaya ka di blackberry torch, ke sure some are on facebook; so nagana fela nou how difficult it must be for a child celebrity, being bullied at school via social networks

    I think kids should really be allowed to be kids and do the normal kiddies life to build on their characters so that when they get in to the industry they know who they are and can handle the pros and cons that comes with being well known.

    As for allowing your child to whatch tv, if you dont have dstv, SABC is a better option for kids, we came out alright from that. She can watch mommy and daddy there! Less channels to chose from the kids get tired and bored and quit watching tv. Lol...

    I'm not a parent but I understand your worries. Good luck and thanks for the good read...


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